Friday, August 13, 2010

My week in Houston
I had to go to training in Houston this week. I wasn't exactly excited but it was for work so I didn't have much of a choice. I did take my camera with me in case I had some extra time for fun, and I am so glad that I did. On my drive to Houston, I had my eye on the sunset. I knew it was going to be excellent so I pulled to the side of the road in Giddings and waited for it. I found an empty warehouse (right off of the main road) and took photos. I am very pleased with these photos. I didn't stick around for the complete sunset (which I am kicking myself for not) because I didn't want to get into Houston to late.

Sunrise from my hotel balcony

One day we got out of training early so I headed down to Galveston. I didn't have a plan, I just knew I wanted to put my feet into the Gulf and enjoy the beach. The beach was pretty busy, but I stayed at the end that wasn't as busy. Lots of seagulls, fresh smelling ocean air, and warm gulf water made it worth sitting in rush hour traffic to make it down to the Gulf while there was still day light.

I had a friend mention a ferry that they took when they were in Galveston, so when I passed a sign that said ferry, I followed it :) I drove my car onto it and off we went, over to East Island. I have zero idea what is on East island, but I had fun on the ferry!
These birds were CRAZY for the bread the people were throwing at them. I got dive bombed a couple of times, guess the birds were trying to figure out what the camera was.

I figured that as long as I was on the island, I would drive around a little to see if I found anything neat. Can't say I saw anything on the island that appealed to me (very barren) but I had my eye on the sunset. I was driving around looking for the water, but couldn't find a public area. So I might be slightly trespassing here, but there wasn't anybody around and I wasn't planning on staying long. This was a boat dock, with plenty of fishing/shrimping type boats floating around.

This picture really doesn't do the sunset justice, it was simply beautiful. The sun was fireball red as it set, and one of the best sunsets that I have ever seen.

I finally found this beach after the sun had set, but the clouds still had a great color to them


Ferry back to Galveston

Hmmmm... I don't think I would fit into this evacuation hole. :) Okay fine... so maybe this was a door
I wish I had a little more time to take photos around town, but unfortunately work came first :(


Optimista said...

What gorgeous photos! I am a sucker for a good sunset; those ones you got in the warehouse are particularly cool.

Also, there is just nothing better than chilling on a beach, listening to the water and inhaling that fresh, oceany air. So lovely!

Dana said...

Thank you! I am also a sucker for sunsets and sunrises. I think Houston had a good sunset almost ever night I was there, I was really surprised.