Sunday, August 08, 2010

Abby has a new friend,,, Oslo
Last weekend we took Abby to Jim's softball game. I want to eventually take both dogs, but for now I want to get her trained at the game before I bring Chewie into the mix. Oslo is Chris and Lindsay's new dog. Abby and Oz got along so well after she warmed up to him. She wasn't scared of him, but she made sure he was cool before she totally started to play with him.

The boys after the game
Oslo is 8 months old, but he doesn't quite have Abby's energy. She was playing with him like she plays with Chewie. She was jumping all over him and he took it really well. I am hoping that Abby is as calm as he is at 8 months. I feel bad for Chewie that she is always loving (aka annoying) him.

Oslo is a very sweet dog, I love how the tips of his ears flop down. We want to really socialize these dogs because Chris and Lindsay are our closest friends and we want to make sure our pups get along!

A few days later... Abby and Chewie

Me and my boo!

I love how she sleeps on her back, she is just spread eagle to the world and she doesn't care

Abby has most definitely taken after her brother and loves to eat sticks.

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