Sunday, November 29, 2009

San Diego pt. 2

On our 2nd day in San Diego, Fred and Lynne arrived. Once they settled in, we headed over to the Cabrillio Monument to check it out. I am very glad that we went over there. We went up to the monument first and walked around. Funny enough a big ol' ship went by as I was reading this sign "Commercial and Pleasure Craft". The monument was about a 15 minute drive from our hotel, so it was fairly close and well worth the visit. I think it cost $5 for us to get in.

Lynne and Fred, with San Diego in the background

The light house is on the right side of this picture. It looks far in the picture, but only took about 5 minutes to walk over there.

Jim in the lighthouse

Love this photo, the stairwell in the light house

Once we were done at the monument, we drove down to the tide pools which is still part of the monument. What a gorgeous view!

This seagul was pretty tollerant of humans. Both Lynne and I got close for a picture. Tried to get Jim to sit next to him for a picture, but no go. There was seagul doo-doo all over that ledge.

Down by the ocean

It was so beautiful. I love the ocean

Lynne and Fred enjoying the ocean

Jim pretending to fall off of the side of the rocks, there was about a
20 foot drop on the other side of him

Not to be out done, I pretended to climb a rock

Walking along the beach looking for critters in the tide pools

The tidepools had some really neat creatures. Some just had little snails and others actually had little fish swimming around

Jim and Lynne checking out the fish in the water

Jim, Fred and Lynne

Jim and I

Lynne and Fred

After the Cabrillio Monument we drove over to Coronado Island. We walked around the hotel for a bit then went out to the beach to watch the sunset. Beautiful sunset!

Jim, Lynne and Fred

Jim, me and Fred

Peek a boo sun set

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