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I have no idea where the years have flown, but we have been married for 5 years (as of Nov 6th). I think we are still as goofy, active, connected and in love as the day we got married! For our anniversary we went to dinner at Fogo De Chao. We have heard great things about the restaurant and have been wanting to try it for awhile. It isn't the most romantic restaurant... no candle light, no cozy atmosphere, no french music, just a whole lotta meat. The restaurant has a nice salad bar and tasty side dishes, but people come for the unlimited meat that is served to you at the table. Gaucho's walk around with skewers of meat (think of a 3 ft skewer)... beef(like 6 different cuts of beef), pork, chicken, lamb and sausage were our choices. It was a meat lovers paradise. I took a few photos, just because it was a nice restaurant, and I was to busy trying all of the food.

The happy couple

The meat display in the window... we think that it is real meat but probably just for show


What up hubby?!?

The huge salad bar! (I apologize for the severe angle.... )

This is a mixed berry caipirinha.... much like a mojito, but I think they use a different type of rum and sugar rather than simple syrup They had a drink cart that would come up to the table and make the drink for you right there on the spot. We were in love with this place as soon as we saw that!
Our salad... I tried not to fill up on it, but it was hard not to give everything a try. They didn't have your typical salad bar, they had more gourmet type items.

I wore the shoes that I wore at my wedding reception... :) Yes I wore red shoes at my wedding reception

Down Memory Lane
I love going back and looking at photos, so I thought I would share some of the photos from the days leading up to the wedding, the wedding and our honeymoon

Jim, Mom, Lee, Me and Dad at the Rehearsal dinner
Gilat and Keith... so glad they made the trek from NY for the wedding

Mom, John, Bunny and Fred. John and Bunny (my godmother) are my mom's friends from back east. Mom and Bunny went to nursing school together in 1879. Just kidding mom!

Kyndal, our flower girl, and Caden, our ring bearer, really hit it off that night.
Back when we were still single :)

Courtney, Angie, me and Angela. Most of the young folks went out drinking after the rehearsal dinner. It was such a fun time.

This was the day before the wedding,,,
lots of the ladies went to eat lunch and then get our nails done

Jim and his groomsmen... Chris, John, Jim, Jason and Chris

Gettin my hairs did. This was right after I told her that I wanted something totally different than what we had discussed. I decided to go with large curls... so mostly straight hair but with some curl to it. Rather than an updo
Mr and Mrs

At the bar with Fred and Jim... Chris in the background
Me and the ladies! We did this little pose for a few months at our gatherings :) I might have to bring that back for a few photos
Me and my A-Team: Ashley, April, Angie and Angela
First kiss as a married couple

Bad boy!

My grandfather LOVED the ladies at the wedding, and the ladies LOVED him!
Walking down the "isle" was a bit windy, and my veil whipped around in the wind. I thought it was totally hilarious... good think I'm not an uptight person

First dance
In Playa Del Carmen... such a relaxing time
Hello body from 5 years ago... I plan on seeing you again soon! :)
Thanks for looking at our memories and a HUGE thanks to our
family and friends that made that day and our life special!

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