Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Trip to Arizona

A few weeks ago I headed out to Arizona to spend time with family and then drive my grandfathers car back to Austin (more on that later). I haven't been back home in about 3 years, which is way to long. I got to spend time with my buddies, Angela and Angie, hung out with my brother and his girlfriend, Tracey, drove by my old house, elementary school and high school and did a little hiking. I had a really good time!

Lee and Tracey picked me up from the airport and then we headed to get some breakfast and watch a little football. It was weird to watch football at 10am on a Sunday, but due to the time differences that is when the games are on.

The house I grew up in. Doesn't look much different than when I lived there. I took this while driving... I'm sure I looked like some type of stalker.
Dinner at Mom's

Lee and his dog Cyrus

Mom is showing us her skills that she learned to fight off an attacker. I'm not sure how effective those moves really are... I just kept laughing when she was holding Lee down.

Mom, me and Cyrus... hard to get all of us to look at the camera at the same time

Lee, Mom and Pop Pop

Me, Mom and Pop Pop
I couldn't figure out how to make my damn self timer work on this camera.

Lee, Pop Pop and I

After dinner and after Lee went home, Mom and I headed to the Indian reservation casino. There are about 3 casinos around Mom's house... and here and Pop Pop are frequent visitors :) Eventually I'll probably have to enroll her in Gamblers Anonymous but I think she has it under control for now

I didn't win :(
The next night I met up with Angela and Angie for dinner, drinks and catching up. The night went by way to fast... as these type of nights always do. Angela and I met up for Happy Hour before dinner at Frashers. This place is like Cheers... everybody in there knew each other.

We had dinner at Cowboy Ciao, and it was WONDERFUL. Kuddos to Angela for finding this place, my food was awesome.

Our night wouldn't be complete without taking a few fun photos.... I didn't want to do the typical stand next to each other and take a picture, so I found "props" to use
Angie and I

Angie and Angela

Angela and I... this was a neat area with multiple water falls... we are standing on the sidewalk behind the water fall... If I had a little more wine, I might have actually gotten in for a picture :) Just kidding (or am I???)
Me and Mom's Halloween decorations

I was in Target trying on Halloween masks. I had this one on when Mom walked by... she walked slow while looking at me... I'm sure she was trying to figure out if it was me or not. Eventually she figured it out... then we took a picture

My last night in AZ was spent having dinner with the family and Tracey. This was her first time meeting the family... she is really nice and fit in. Of course Mom and I let her off of the hook and didn't grill her :)
This is mom showing us how she spies on her neighbors :)
Mom and Cyrus

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Hannah said...

What a fun trip!! No sneaking home and surprising you mom anymore! That is one tough Mommy you have!