Saturday, November 28, 2009

Many years ago on this day my poor Mother was having a hell of a time. See, she was in a hospital room, having a baby. This baby was late (typical female) and big (over 8 pounds) and decided to make an appearance on Thanksgiving :) But low and behold... I came out into the world!! :)

Rather than focus on how I am getting older (Bah Humbug), I thought I would talk about what my perfect day would be. Now, this day is made up of many different aspects, and is totally not do-able, but I don’t care. For this day my time is not limited (there are more than 24 hrs in a day), money is not an issue, calories do not count, I take pictures during each event and each photo is perfect, and of course my husband and two dogs are by my side for the entire day.

I would start off with waking up in a cabin in the middle of the forest after it had snowed. We would have a wonderful breakfast sitting by a roaring fire looking out at the snow covered mountains. The dishes would magically disappear after we were done eating :) Since we are in the mountains it is a perfect time to go skiing and get a couple of runs in before we start our day. In my perfect day, I can actually ski on moguls without hitting trees (true story).

If I’m going to get through my day after skiing in the morning, I am going to need a massage. I’d sit in the steam room for a bit, and then get a massage in a room over looking the snow capped mountains. Perfect way to reinvigorate my muscles and relax me for the rest of my busy day!

After the massage I would be on my way to have a cooking lesson with Julia Child. She would teach me how to make her Coq au Vin and her Boeuf Bourguignon. I might even get enough courage up to show her my impression of her.

Since we are already cooking, this would be a good time to head over to France where I can get a lesson in wine from a sommelier. I want to learn the in’s and out’s of wine and what each wine should taste like. I would like to pick out a bottle of wine based on the taste and what it pairs well with rather than the type of label that is on wine.

Hmmm… lunch time. I head over to Arizona to get me a shredded beef chimichanga from Someburros. Yuuuuuummmmmm!

Now that I have done a few things for myself, I’m off to my successful Animal Sanctuary that I run. Here I have 100’s of acres of land where I can give homes to animals that have been abandoned or are sick. Of course I also adopt out as many as I can to loving homes. Each animal knows they are safe and loved when they are in my care.

My day wouldn’t be complete without an afternoon of shopping in New York with my mama!! We would hit the high end shops, the little boutiques and the bargain shopping centers. We wouldn’t cringe when we would find the most expensive shoes in the bunch because money is no object in my perfect day!! So I might not wear the $300 faux brown crocodile pumps with the peek a boo toe every day, but I know there would be one night out that they would be perfect for! A day of shopping just isn’t complete with out a stop to Starbucks for mom’s Chai Latte and my Vanilla Latte!

We are famished after doing all of that shopping so we hop over to Philly to pick up a cheese steak, slice of pizza, a pretzel (bought from a guy on the corner), a pork roll sandwich, and a water ice. (Remember- calories do not count!!)

I gather our friends from far and near to head over to Ireland to a little pub to enjoy a happy hour. Everybody is able to make it, and we spend hours together catching up, laughing, and sharing stories.

Right about now, is a perfect time to get out the mountain bike and do a little mountain biking in the Pacific Northwest. Biking along the mountains with large pine trees, moss covered rocks and little creeks are the perfect setting. We find a couple of kayaks at the end of our trail and paddle in the ocean where we are able to watch a pod of whales swim by.

Dinner time!!! All of our family meets up on the beach in Hawaii for dinner. We have a crab boil (along with many other foods for those of you that might be allergic to shell fish or might be a vegetarian), along with a bon fire to enjoy the evening. We have a glorious time eating our food, drinking wine, playing in the water and spending time with each other.

And that folks is my perfect day!!!

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