Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Food In Arizona

While I was in Arizona I ate some damn fine food!!! There is a restaurant that is near and dear to my heart and it pisses me off that I can't find a chimichanga in Austin. Someburro's is awesome. Plain and simple. And I miss it. But I did find quite a few other good meals while in Arizona....

My brother and his girlfriend picked me up from the airport and took me to.....damn... can't remember the name (Lee? Tracey? Leave a comment and tell me what the name is). I think it is something like O'Malley's but I can't find anything about it on the Internet. Anywho- I got the Huevo Rancheros. I liked it, but the sauce really over powered the eggs, so I didn't really get any egg flavor, just the green salsa. Not bad, but next time I would get the salsa on the side.

Here is my love, my dear shredded beef chimichanga. I ate almost the entire thing, with a smile on my face. I love the crispy fried tortilla, the tender shredded beef, the red sauce and the cool sour cream. I am getting hungry just looking at the picture.

For lunch one day mom and I picked up take out from Joe's Farm Grill. I saw it on Food Networks Diners, Dives and Drive In's and it stuck in my mine. It was a bit of a drive from her house, but it was totally worth it. Before stepping a foot into the restaurant, we fell in love with the grapefruit trees surrounding the building. Such a cute area. I went with the special of the day, which was a grilled salad. It was Romain, topped with bacon, tomato's and blue cheese. Oh mama... so damn good. BUT what made me stop in my tracks was the GIANT slice of lemon (see picture below). The salad was really good, and since it was grilled, it gave a nice smoky flavor but it was not over powering.

This lemon slice was bigger than my hand. We had a lemon tree at the house I grew up in and we had huge lemons like this all of the time. I made the best lemon aid using those giant lemons and miss that tree. It was a fine tree that would give us hundreds of fist size or bigger lemons each season. Good to see there are other lemon trees that are producing giant lemons!

I met up with my girls, Angie and Angela, for appetizers and dinner one night. Angela and I met up at Frashers for appetizers while we waited for Angie to get off of work. I saw this restaurant and wanted to check it out, and since they had half off appetizers during happy hour, I thought it was the perfect time. Frashers was not what I was expecting... from the outside, it looks like it might be a pretty nice place, but on the inside, it was nice but it was more comfortable and cozy. I felt a bit like an outsider (I got there before Angela) because the bartenders seemed to know everybody that walked in the doors, they greeted them all by name. We ordered the fried raviolis and the brushetta. There was nothing exceptional about the food, but it was good bar food.

For dinner, we met up at Cowboy Ciao. I had been eyeballing the short ribs dish ever since Angela suggest we meet up there for dinner. The meat fell off of the bones and was perfectly tender. There was some type of cherry BBQ sauce that came with the dish, and it was pretty strong so I used it sparingly. Honestly, the meat was seasoned perfectly, and it didn't need the sauce. The short ribs were resting on grilled veggies and a Gouda cheese grits. I thought that I didn't like grits, but apparently when they are done right and with a shit load of Gouda, I love them! :) I knew I would be pushing my stomach limits this night, so I only had a couple of veggies. I needed the room for the short ribs and the grits :)

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