Friday, December 04, 2009

San Diego

We woke up early the day we left to drive out to Ocean Beach to check out the sunrise. Well... we missed the sunrise but had a lovely calm morning checking out the pier, surfers, the beach and a cute little diner for breakfast. Ocean Beach is a small communities about 25 minutes away from downtown San Diego and they pride themselves on not having a lot of bix box type stores. They support their local stores which lends to having a town that is not blinged out with Bed, Bath and Beyonds or Best Buy's.

View from our hotel room window
At what I think was the main strip in town
While driving to the beach I saw a sign for "Cliffs" so we veered from our plan and headed over there to check it out. The cliffs are right off of the ocean and felt like they were made up of sand and not rock. So I understand the sign when it says "unstable cliffs".
This guy was out there in his foldable chair reading a book.
Not a bad place to hang out and read! This would have been a great area to have a kayak. There were little caves and holes in the cliffs that were only accessible by boat or swimming. I am standing on the very edge of the cliff, hanging on to a rock with one hand and camera in the other hand to get this shot :)
The longest self portrait we have ever done... if you look closely to the left of me you'll see a little figure, that is Jim on the other cliff.

There was a concrete barrier along the beach where people would sit and hang out. In this particular area there were cute chalk drawings

Ocean crashing on the rocks
Praying surfer. Before he headed out to surf, he took about 5 minutes in this pose, which I am assuming he is praying

I love that I was able to get this bird before he flew away. He is a brave little guy with the water crashing around him
This seaweed looked like it just floated on to the beach. There were other piles of the seaweed along the beach but it was more dead looking and not as fun to take pictures of.
Who's that guy? oh yeah, that is my healthy husband who went for a jog while I took pictures on the beach
Like totally rad dude!
The surfers to the right are very trusting, they don't even look like they care there is a guy zooming buy on his surfboard.
There were a lot of surfers out for a Monday morning. This guy was the only one without a wetsuit! He must have been cold
This pier was fairly long and was in the shape of a T. I read that it was made so the fishermen
could have a place to fish. I wonder what type of fish that they catch
Random Seagull

This was the guy that was the most successful fisherman while we were there.
I think he caught 3 fish while we were watching

Early morning- Jim on the pier

Flying Fish! This guy was reeling in the fish that he caught. Look at that fly though the air!

There is not a lot of detail on this photo, but I love the sun flare and the pier. There is a little lady fishing on the left side of the photo. I wanted to get closer to take a better picture, but she didn't exactly look like the type of person that would be cool to be stalked by a photographer. Plus there was hardly anybody on the pier, so it would be pretty obvious what I was doing :)

Good Bye Ocean Beach!

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