Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Seriously great smelling candles

I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a gift from my friend Lisha. Her business, SWAK Notes, is a great place to purchase customized note cards, thank you cards, birth announcements, invitations, and anything else that you can think of!! There is a very good chance that if you have received a thank you card from me, it was designed by Lisha!

She recently added candles to her business, and I suggest you visit her blog ( to see what she has available and purchase one! She gave me the Creme Brulee and it is wonderful! When it is lit, it fills the house with the sweet and yummy smell of Creme Brulee. It is a lead free candle and has a life of 85-95 hours. I'm going to be sad in 85-95 hours when my candle is gone!!!
Lisha, thanks for the candle and my unique name address label
*Flipping Lisha the bird is an inside joke we have... I don't normally flilp off people that have given me a gift :) **

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Good one DANA!!!!