Sunday, November 22, 2009


This Halloween we decided to be the guys from Dick In A Box skit from Saturday Night Live. Our plans fell through (a dinner party at a restaurant) so we ended up just going to 6th street and doing a lot of people watching with a little drinking :). For the most part we got our costumes from thrift stores, with exception of the wigs. I had so much fun dressing up... but I wasn't a fan of the facial hair. I couldn't open my mouth all the way since it was glued on :)

Posing for some pictures in the back yard before we left for downtown

Here is my transformation....
it didn't take very long, only about 20 minutes from beginning to end

I had to cut the mustache in half and remove part of it because it was to wide for my face. Plus I think it was a bit easier to glue on

Okay... 2nd half is on....
Had to go harass the husband with my new moustache :)
So far he is kind of grossed out by my transformation to becoming a man for the night

Now I've got my bottom part of the goatee and my hair net... almost done with the transformation
Hello Dana....err... I mean Dan :)

Fully Transformed

We ran into another Dick In a Box guy while we were downtown

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Hannah said...

You "Guys" look Amazing! Who knew you could be a beautiful guy with a dick in a box?! You never cease to surprise me! I look foward to next year's costume. They are always so entertaining!