Sunday, November 08, 2009

1042.5 miles

Rather than fly back to Austin, we drove my grandfathers car. Normally we would just fly, but I bought my grandfathers car from him. My car was on it's last legs, and I was really getting sick of my car leaking every time it rained. It was getting worse and worse... just imagine my passenger floor board full of water after an hour of rain. Seriously annoying, and wet, and smelly. So in came my wonderful grandfather and offered to sell me his car for an extremly reasonable rate!! And I even get a good navigator for our trip back to Austin.

This is what my mom and I thought would be enough goodies for our 2 day road trip. Seriously, WTF were we thinking? We ate like .5% of these goodies.
Beginning of our trip... 8am.... in Chandler Arizona
Me and my navigator

After 1 hour and 54 minutes on the road, I heard a rustle from the back seat....
mother needed a munchie to tide her over.

I seeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeee you

Our 2nd bathroom break was taken in South Az...
no idea where, but I can say it was in the middle of nowhere

Making the trek up to the potty

Along the ride, I decided to put the iPhone in Mom's hands to let her play on the internet while we still had a signal. I think she got about 5 minutes into playing with the phone before she realized that she didn't like it.


After having a few cashews, we moved on to a sweet treat for our ride. This is a little dainty chocolate cookie.

We saw a lot of trains along the highway.

Good bye Arizona, Hello New Mexico

Our pitstop for gas, changing some clothes and getting our lunch. We made some ham and cheese sandwiches, which were really good

Playing around with Pop-Pop's walker

Along I-10 in New Mexico

Already through New Mexico and in Texas

We made it to Van Horn Texas... we drove until around 5pm (7pm Central Time). We wanted to make sure we got in a hotel, eat dinner and ready to watch the Phillies game. So, I probably would not recommend anybody go to Van Horn for vacation, not much to see or do there.


It was a chilly morning in Van Horn

Hmmmm... so... um...... this is quite the mountain. Ummmm.... yeah... NIPPLE!

I was going to attempt to shove 3 cheese puffs into my mouth, but I thought it wouldn't be the best idea while mom was driving and we were in the middle of BFE.

Pop Pop leading the way... some where in West Texas

Ahhhh... we made it! It wasn't a terrible trip, but there is zilch to look at during the drive. At least my mom and grandfather made it a fun trip

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