Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July Neighborhood Parade

Every year our neighborhood has a 4th of July parade. Nothing huge... some cool older cars, some local business cars/floats, and ends with a bunch of kids that are dressed up in red, white and blue walking behind the cars. It probably only lasts about 20 minutes but it is kind of cool to see a lot of the neighborhood show up to cheer them on.

The truck was pulling the trailer that had a blow up pool in the back that the kids are riding in.

This was called "Jeep dog". This dog would chase the remote control jeep around the street... Hilarious. The jeep would stop, and the dog would almost lay down to wait for it to move.

Amy's Ice Cream Truck.... to bad they weren't giving out free ice cream :o)

Lots of dogs at the parade and in the parade!

Taco Shack truck... they had little chicks in a cage.

Senator, and former Mayor, Kirk Watson

Austin's newest Mayor, Lee Leffingwell

This girl was so darn cute! She was handing out beads and the medals.

Impressive. She walked quite aways using the stilts.

I was going for a different toe nail polish.... but I think this is a little to much for me. I kept the color through the weekend, but I changed to a toned down color.

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