Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random photos

I was looking for some photos on my Photobucket account, when I came across some cold looking photos and I got all sad because it is so hot right now. So I thought I would share with you guys, so you can be jealous of the times when it wasn't so hot! I also came across come cute Taylor and Chewie photos and a couple of family photos.

Taylor in the back yard

Chewie and I during the freeze.... I think it was back in 2007

Frozen water coming out of our gutter

Walking the dogs was fun and a little scary due to the icy conditions. Taylor and Chewie didn't like walking in the grass because it was crunchy from the ice. But they were both pretty hyper during the walk
They are seriously spoiled. Look at how comfortable they are!

This was during a different storm in 2007... the water was WAY out of the banks during this storm. Probably about 30 feet if I had to guess. I am horrible with distances, so I could be way off, BUT the creek is normally on the other side of the bamboo (top right of the photo)

Sticking with a weather theme.... one foggy morning at Town Lake.
I love taking pictures in the fog, it is so peaceful.

This was the at our friends super bowl party in 2008. They live out in Georgetown, so they get to have mini bonfires. Lee was out to visit that time (in backwards hat) so he got to enjoy the festivities.

Me and Mom!!! This is probably back in 1976??? ish?? This has nothing to do with my pictures above, but I liked it so I added. It's my blog and I can do what I want. :)

A few years later, we took this photo :o) Pop pop, Jim, Mom and I. We look like we should be the Brady Bunch

Chewie flying through the air

The squirrel is tormenting Chewie. He just sat there and stared at him, wishing that he could jump through the window to get at him

Taylor and Jim playing on the floor

The last shot of this random blog post is of Austin on South Congress late one night

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