Sunday, July 19, 2009

Austin Fashion Week

Austin decided to get in all of the fun of fashion week, and determined that smack dab in the middle of the hottest month of the year. hosted their own fashion show that had local boutiques, hair and make up stylists, yelp models, burlesque show and acrobat shows. And of course there was free food and free Lone Star beer and Makers Mark.

Our night started off in a very fucking hot line. I kid you not... my back sweat was kicking and I was doing everything I could to stay cool. It was horrible waiting in line. I have no idea what took so damn long but it put all of us in a crappy mood. Good thing that free beer and free food put us in a better mood. :o)

The line at the Mohawk

A very good crab cake from Eddie V's. I ate a few of these.... quite tasty! We haven't been to Eddie V's before, but we might have to check them out

Orly, Sarah, Lindsay, Jim and Chris

This was a vegetarian sandwich on gluten free bread. I honestly didn't think it was vegetarian free,,, I thought it had some type of salami in it. Guess not...and I had no idea it was gluten free bread. The other food we had (no pictures) was dynamite shrimp and egg rolls from Mama Fu's. Quite acceptable finger food!

I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of Lone Star. For those of you reading that doesn't live in Texas, Lone Star reminds me of Key Stone beer.... cheep but not super terrible (in my opinion not as bad as Pabst beer)

Chris and Lindsay

Jim and I

Matt, Orly, Nory and Keith

Orly and Sarah

Kevin, the guy who puts on these fantastic Yelp parties

Our MC of the night was Vanessa... the Drag Queen from San Antonio. He/She was one large she-male!

Lindsay-- a friend of ours that was one of the models. Unfortunately my camera didn't focus in time.

In between the models, there were dancers and acrobats. This chick and 2 others were spinning around on the hula hoop looking device while going from pose to pose. Now, these ladies weren't exactly afraid of showing skin. As you might notice her chi-chi is showing in the picture, but she has a pastie on nipple.... ya know so it wasn't so stripper like :o)

Another acrobat

Double team on the hula hoop

Fashion show resumes....

Dawn in the crowd of models

Go Go dancer during another fashion show intermission... she could shake it!

Another dancer....

Lindsay, Chris, Jim and I

Dawn strutting her hot self down the cat walk!

The dancers moved from the hula hoop to the poll... the stripper poll

These ladies were talented, but not exactly,, um,,,, attractive. Instead of a bathing suit this year, I am going to do the classy thing, and use electrical tape... Hawt


These are the non-professional pictures with the stuffed bear... Chris and Jim

Lindsay and I.... total hams
Hot mamas!
Chris showing us his chest hair

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