Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July on the Lake

We are soooo very lucky to have 3 friends with boats. That means that our chances of getting out on the lake during holidays is very good. Since Jim and I have been together, summer holidays usually mean being on the lake with friends. I hate to say it, but I have been spoiled. Totally.

This year our friends have been staying on Lake Austin since Lake Travis is so damn low. Our drought has really taken a toll on the area lakes. As of today there is only one public boat ramp open on Travis. I'm not sure how many they have total, but I imagine it is over 15 boat ramps. The water is so low, there are little islands all over the lake where normally there is water. There is also reports of a high staph content in Lake Travis since it isn't moving. Yuck.

Hanging out in a cove on Lake Austin,,, this is across the lake from Hula Hut. I had no idea it was there until this year. The cove was freakin packed with boats and people.

John giving me his best bewildered look

Jim and I

Jim testing out our new floatie. It worked pretty good, but I sunk in more than I wanted to. I needed a booster seat :o)

I have no idea where Charlie got the jelly stars, but thank god he did. What a great photo.

Me, Tammy, Jennifer, and Lindsay.
See my pretty new bathing suit? Would you believe it, that one boat over some bitch had on the same exact bathing suit!?!??! That is what I get for buying it at Target (and on sale!!). Oh well... I was convinced that I looked better in it, so therefore it was okay that she had on the same suit.
Jim and Jon-- I guess this is their mean guy face

Jennifer and Tish
(I met her for the first time on the boat... I hope her name was Tish and not Trish, cause I called her Tish all day)
Me, Tammy, and Lindsay

Mike and Charlie

I wish I could remember why we were making these faces

Jennifer cracked me up all day. She started the day off with a big ass container Tequila and lemon aid. Jim and I have learned in the past that taking hard alcohol on the lake is a bad bad idea. Jennifer was a bit loopy all day, but she was a trooper. She didn't get sick, pass out, or even start mumbling. Her eyes gave her away... they were only about half open for a couple of hours. She eventually had a few sandwiches and a lot of water and was back to normal
Chris, Tammy, John and Jim


Enjoying the sunset... probably around hour number 6 on the lake

The rope swing. I love the rope swing!!! You have to climb up a rock and grab onto a rope that is frayed and knotted up, but holy shit it is fun! I only went once (not sure why, I really wanted to go again) but I really enjoyed my one time. If I had to guess, I was probably about 20 feet in the air when I let go of the rope. The picture is blurry, not sure why. Tammy may have tried to zoom in to far with my camera, and that can cause it to get fuzzy.
Anywho... after seeing this picture I realized I need a better tan. I look like a ghost!

Jim flying off of the rope swing. You can see the rope in the top right of the picture and get a better idea of how far we fall when we let go of the rope. Jim wasn't so fortunate. We think he slid down the rope instead of letting it go, so he got a huge gash on his ring finger and on his pinkie finger. He is okay, but it was bleeding quite a bit right after it happened.

Before the fireworks, there were 5 or so parachuters that flew down to the golf course that had the fireworks. The American Flag that this guy was carrying was HUGE

Cheers! But with Jello Shots this time. We made the jello shots to take with us. We had 3 gallon size freezer bags full of jello shots. :o) I tried to make red, white and blue jello shots, but it didn't quite work out that way. I had strawberry for red, a raspberry/blackberry for the blue (which turned out more of a purple), and peach for white.

Chris looks like an Australian cheering on America. I think it is the hat

John, Jim, Chris and Charlie

Jennifer feeding Tish a jello shot... I love the look on Lindsay's face...
I wonder what she is thinking
Pretty view of the 360 bridge. I only had my crappy point and shoot camera so I'm pretty happy this picture came out. Taking low light pictures with a crappy camera on a boat is hard! (I tried like 20 times to get this shot... it kept coming out blurry)
Fireworks!! They were spectacular! We were able to get the boat fairly close to the golf course.

After about 9 hours on the lake, we headed home!!!! What a great 4th of July!

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