Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sushi in a food cart

Had it not been for all of the glowing reviews on, I would not have tried sushi in a food cart in a million years. It is a scary thought that a little cart on the street, in parking lot of a gas station on the east side, would have fresh enough fish for sushi. But guess what, they did and it tasted fantastic. I ordered the Crunchy Dynamite roll, which is Tempra crunchy bits, spicy tuna mix and avocado. Now I didn't eat it right away, I had to run to the grocery store (which I brought inside with me so it wouldn't cook in the car) and then I ate it once I got home. The roll didn't' have the crunch that I thought it would seeing as it is called the Crunchy Dynamite roll. But that did not matter, because I thought the tuna was very fresh, the rice was sticky and moist, and overall very good. The roll was the same cost ($5.50) as it would be in a grocery store, but about 5 times better than anything you can get in a grocery store because they make it as you wait, nothing is premade. I also got the Go Go sauce for an extra .50, which was quite tasty. Don't ask me what was in it because I have no idea. Guess I should have asked, but when I was ordering I asked the lady in the cart which sauce she would recommend, and she recommended the Go Go sauce.

So the next time you are hungry hungry, I suggest you Go Go to Sushi Go Go!

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