Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun at the Photo Booth

Thursday night was a ton of fun! threw a fashion party that had all sorts of fun events. There was a fashion show, dancers, free food, free beer and Makers Mark, friends, and a photo booth! Annie Ray's Photo booth is a hit every time it is at an event. I was pulled to the photo booth the way a mosquito is drawn to the bug zapper. I turned into a HUGE ham (imagine that), and took pictures with Jim, with Chris Lindsay and Jim, and with Sarah and a couple of her friends. Yeah, that's right... I went over there 3 different times :o) And I'm glad I did because I love the pictures!

There was a bear in the background, so we kept with the theme of bear attacks. Here I am (with my 6 chins) attacking Jim.... ROAR

Chris, Lindsay, me and Jim doing our best Zoolander impressionI wish my arms where some where different place, because I really like this photo. I think I was trying to either A) Mimic a bear or B) in the process of put my arms up in the air

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