Saturday, October 04, 2008

There must be something in the water...

Ashley had her baby yesterday!!! Jackson Reese is finally here. Jim and I went to the hospital last night after work to hang out with the little guy and his parents. He is such a cute little baby! Jim and I took turns holding him, and he just slept and kept an eye on us :) He didn't cry at all... I was a little worried that he could sense that I have no mothering skills at all and take that opportunity to cry, throw up and poop all at the same time to see if he could push me over the edge :o) But he was a great little baby and was content on hanging out with the adults while we talked!!!

Jason showing Jim how to clean up "an oil spill" as Jason called

Jim and Jackson

Little guy taking a power nap. Some photos are a little dark because I didn't want to have my flash go off and wake him up

For those of you wondering... No my internal baby clock did not start ticking after holding Jackson. I'm perfectly fine in the Auntie role :)

Proud papa and big sis

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