Monday, October 27, 2008

Carving Our Pumpkins

A few nights ago we carved our pumpkins! I used a pattern and Jim free-handed his sketch. I think they both came out really good! Since we were sitting on the floor, Taylor and Chewie were very curious and kept sniffing around us and the pumpkins.

Me and Taylor

Chewie supervising Jim's work

My witch pattern

Our final products lit up! Jim's pumpkin has a couple of props (see the picture below) that I didn't use for this picture.

Our pumpkins outside. Jim made a throwing up pumpkin :) I like how the "throw up" is cascading down the side of the wall.

**~** UPDATE **~**

I came home from work yesterday to find out that a little scoundrel (or perhaps two or three) had their way with our pumpkins. Damn you squirrels! I was worried about bugs eating away our pumpkins, but I didn't even think of those little rodents that run around my back/front yard like they own the place!! They took my witch and ran, those little bastards! :) Oh well... hopefully they are sitting in their nest with full tummys ready for the cold weather.

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The Millers said...

Those were fantastic!!!! You guys are some talented pumpkin carvers. Hilarious about the squirrels. The witch was easy pickins.