Monday, October 27, 2008

It has been while since I had a post dedicated to the kids. Chewie has a favorite place he loves to lay in and look out the window while basking in the sunlight. Normally when I try to take pictures of him, he gets up to come say hi. I was lucky this time because he didn't get up while I took 20 or so pictures of him :)

I bought this wig for my Halloween costume because it was only $6, but it isn't really what I was looking for. So... that meant that the kids got to wear it. Taylor is so good at letting me dress her up. She will be good and sit there for a few minutes before she gets bored and leaves.

Chewie on the other hand, does not like things on his head. I usually have .00125 seconds before he flips it off of his head. The picture below is Jim's wig for his costume and you'll notice that my hand is on him to stop him from running away :)

Taylor in Jim's wig... she is such a ham, just like her mama.

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