Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sonoma County, CA

We rented a car at the airport and drove up to the wine country as soon as we landed in San Francisco. We were greeted with sunny cool weather which was perfect because the weather in Austin was hot and humid. We made the selection of "mid-size" and we received this Chevy HHR. I thought it was cute and was curious to drive it. It drives really well (Jim tested it out around some really curvy hills near the beach).

We had a little wine map with some basic instructions on where to go. Once we found the first winery, the very helpful man behind the counter told us a few more wineries that we should visit. He was so helpful that we even bought two bottles of wine from him :o)

Jim giving the wine a sniff before trying.

So many fields and fields of vineyards

Our wine map. One of the people at the first winery told us that there was over 1000 wineries in Sonoma and Napa. Whoa... that is way more than I thought.

We were on private land so we had to move quickly to take a picture. I used the self timer and put the camera on the car.

One surprising stop that we had was at the Ace Pear Cider home. I was super excited when we were told about it at one of our stops. That was one cool spot and I'm glad that we stopped. I enjoyed a Berry Cider while Jim enjoyed a local brew. It was a nice laid back place where we enjoyed our drinks on their patio.

Totally random picture.... I took this while Jim was driving. Mooooooo

Thank you Mr Bartender for coming outside to take our picture at your lovely winery
One of the winery employees told us about an area that was fantastic for watching sunsets. We thought why not!! So the instructions were pretty simple,,, follow a road until you see the ocean, then look for the goat path sign. As I type that I realize they are very vague, but after a little bit of stress of wondering where the fuck we were, we found paradise. We made several stops along the way to take pictures. I don't know if we ever found the appropriate goat path, but we did find a freakin awesome area. Thank you Mr. Winery Guy!
I really love my self timer.

One of our stops to take pictures was REALLY close to the cliff. So just to remember how high it was I took this picture.

After doing a little research, we figured out that we were near Bodega Bay California. We found a little seafood place to eat before we headed home. Actually I should say before we became horribly lost. We were lost for about 1.5 hours... no freakin idea where we were. None. Needless to say there was some tension in the car while we were trying to find our way to Highway 1, when we were driving through the largest horribly lit neighborhood. Eventually we found a gas station that gave us directions. Wow. It sucked so bad to end such a great day like that. But now we can laugh about it!!

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