Monday, October 27, 2008

San Francisco- Day 4

Most of our last day in San Francisco was spent going to the Eagles/49ers game.... the main reason we went to San Fran. We started the day off at a little diner a few blocks from our hotel. It was okay... kind of plain but edible breakfast food. Then we did a little walking around the Wharf, just to get a little exercise and catch some areas that we missed. We found a bus for $7 bucks a person (round trip) to take us to the game.... which is fantastic!! I know I have paid WAY more for event parking which came with the stress of traffic, parking, walking a long distance and having to watch how much I drank. This bus picked us up about 8 blocks from the hotel (we took a taxi.... to early to battle those hills) to where the bus picked us up then dropped us off at the front gate of the stadium! Kudo's to San Francisco for having excellent public transportation.

Mummy groping a local... such a bad girl

I learned how to grope from my mother... Jim has no idea what I am doing

Walking through an outdoor museum

Kind of a dark picture, but we are enjoying Starbucks while waiting for the bus... Fred and Lynn showed up shortly after this

The view from our seats at the game

***This picture was deleted some how... will get it back on the blog soon***

Before the game we were able to go down to the field and watch the players warm up. We arrived early enough to watch them for about 25 minutes. This is our 6th different stadium to watch the Eagles play..... Eagles at home, Cowboys, AZ Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, and now the 49ers. Next year we will either travel to San Diego or back to Philly... we'll see what the schedule looks like.

Fred, Mom and Lynn

I am wearing my mothers very white and very touristy hat... Showing her how to wear it gangsta style... okay more like white girl trying to be a gangsta style

Stairs leading down to the water in the Bay.... I'm wondering why I didn't climb down those to see if there was any good shots to take :)

Our last dinner in San Fran.... we'll be back one day!

My own paparazzi.... These last two shots are from my mom. It is so weird to see me take pictures... I guess I never thought of what I look like because I'm more concerned on getting the perfect shot. Thanks for taking those mom!!

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