Sunday, December 13, 2009

My first night time fun run

Jim's sister, Jamie, told us about a race that they were planning on doing a few weeks ago. We decided to join them since it sounded like fun. It was the Trail of Lights race and it was about 2.6 miles (not quite a normal 5K). I figured that my ass would walk most of it because I really haven't run in about 6 weeks. Whatever, it sounded like fun and I thought I could take pictures as I went. Jim and Jamie took off running and finished quickly! Jim said they told him that he finished 50th (not sure how many people raced, but there were a lot of people there). We had a really good time, and might consider it for next year! I am only slightly sore today- my thighs are a bit tender but that is it :) Maybe I can use this as a starting point to get back into exercising.

Travis, Jamie and Jim

Jim and I

Jamie, Jim and I

The crowd behind us

The Speedo Santa's- I heard about these guys before the race, so I knew to look for them. They were running for some youth charity. It was pretty chilly last night, so I can't imagine how cold they were, but they were damn fast, so I wasn't able to even remotely keep up with them.

Jim, Jamie and Travis took off so I was on my own for the race. I knew this would happen because I haven't ran in like 6 weeks. I ran about half of the race and walked the rest. At one point I walked with these guys below and sang Christmas carols. It was pretty fun and these guys have way more energy than most did :)

Shot of the race- almost done. I really wanted to cheat and cut across the field but I was a good girl and finished the race.
The Christmas Tree- playing around with my camera

More playing with my camera- these were trees with Christmas lights on them


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the run, start looking for a red bikini for next year, you can come join us on the Santa Speedo run!

Dana said...

Perhaps if I find a red bikini, lose 10 pounds and have buns of steel I would join you guys :) But I guess I have a year to train :)