Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quicky Dinner

We had some extra meatballs the other night and I wanted to do something different than just a meatball sandwich. I remember seeing one of the gazillion food blogs that I read talk about using the premade pizza dough to use for other dishes than pizza. A meatball calzone/sandwich sounds better than just using a hogie roll (at least for this night... I do love me hogie rolls).

I heated up the meatballs in marinara sauce before I put them into the dough. I wasn't 100% they would fully heat up while they were in the oven. I also cooked up some onions and green peppers to give a little crunch to the calzone.

I made these pretty big. We ended up splitting one for dinner, then ate one the next day for lunch. Surprisingly it headed up pretty good. I just rolled out the pizza dough, put on the meatballs, marana sauce, veggies and some mozzarella cheese. Once I put the toppings on the dough, I pulled the dough across and sealed it.

The final product.
Before I placed them into the oven I brushed them with an egg wash to give it the nice brown crust. I cooked these in 350 degree oven for about 20-25 minutes.

We paired the calzone with a nice salad for dinner

Bob's Roquefort salad dressing is my FAVORITE and I have only found it in Arizona. I have been to every grocery store in the Austin area and I haven't found it. It is a lot like a blue cheese dressing, but not as strong. I *heart* you roquefort dressing!! I brought back a bottle when I went to AZ but now it is gone and I can only dream about my favorite dressing :)

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