Sunday, December 06, 2009

San Diego

On Sunday we started our day at the hotel bar with a bloody mary. I wish I could say that it was good, but it was watered down and needed a lot of help. Once we got hold of Tabasco, pepper, peperoncini juice and a little salt it was better. They had a "bloody mary bar" where you can add your veggies (olives, celery, peperonchinis) but overall it wasn't a good bloody mary. Anywho, the time came when we walked across the street, bought our day pass for the trolley and waited for the train.

Lynne fell ill while we were in San Diego, so she decided to stay in her hotel room and rest. I tried to point to their room, but I only got close to their room. They actually had a corner room.Taking the trolley rather than driving was a good idea. It was only $5 a person and it was fairly easy. It did get packed as we went through a few exits but it was only a 15-20 minute ride. We got a good giggle on the ride over. Fred got caught on the stairs of the train and sadly was stuck to a strangers butt. Fred kept making jokes about being able to tell what he ate earlier in the day based on the farts that he smelled :)

Our seats were in the very last row. Normally these would be considered the nose bleed section, but our view was pretty good.

Self portrait- with a view of the field

During the national anthem, these helicopters flew by

There were LOTS of Eagles fans at the game. Would have been a better experience if the Birds actually won that freakin game.

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