Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Christmas Card in the Making

On the drive from Arizona to Austin we stopped on the side of the road to take a few photos. My grandfather always has great Christmas cards, and we thought of this idea for him. Stand on the side of the road like you are hitchhiking. In the past he has been a cowboy, a golfer, a biker, and a cotton picker. All are super funny, and each year they get better!

I'm not 100% sure where we are, but it is about 1.5 hours outside of Van Horn, Texas on a frontage road that was a dead end. It was pretty chilly (maybe around 40 degrees) so we had limited time taking photos. It probably only took about 10 minutes to take these pictures, but mom and I were giggling the entire time. Pop Pop wasn't exactly giggling... he just wanted to be finished and back sitting in the car.

Here is one of the first shots.... I made this sign and brought it with me to Phoenix. I wanted to make sure we had the sign for the picture.
Mother, my assistant, helped place the sign in the right place and had pop pop put his thumb up

And this was the winner (of about 20 photos) for his Christmas card. Love it!

Well, not to be outdone, mother had to show us how she would try to hitch hike. Nice glowing white legs Mother :)

Quick self portrait before we got back on the road and finished the rest of our trip to Austin

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Hannah said...

See your Grandpa looks like he could pull hitchhiking off. Your mom on the other hand, looks way to happy to be on the side of the street desperate for a ride. =))