Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day on the Boat

I'm a little behind on the blog, forgive me. On Labor day weekend we headed to Lake Austin with friends. It was a low key day, where we all got a turn surfing behind the boat. We spent a little time in a cove hanging out, but it was pretty busy considering it was a holiday weekend. We are SO VERY LUCKY to have friends that have boats. I can't imagine a summer without a few trips to the lake. The lakes in Austin are very different than the lakes in Arizona. First off, we live about 15 minutes from Lake Austin, and if I remember correctly the closest lake to where I used to live in AZ was about 45-60 minutes. The lakes in AZ would get closed to boaters due to the lake hitting capacity. People in Austin don't really believe that a state would close a lake due to being to full (or that it would have to many people on the lake).

Anywho.... the day on the boat was so much fun. Both Jim and I were able to get up on the surf board and get the feel for it.

Me, Lindsay and Vanessa

Jim got up on the surfboard!

Jenn, me and Jim Jim and I hanging out in the cove

The ladies on the boat.... (left to right) Vanessa, Jennifer, Tish, Megan, me and Lindsay.

Jen filled that big as mug full of tequila and lemonaid. We all took a swig out of it, and it tasted pretty good, but tequila and the lake (and sun) don't mix for me!

Woooo Hoooooo.... check me out! I fell about 2 minutes after I got up. So much fun

I was a little to far out on the wake, but the goal is to get a little closer to the boat and ride the wake and let go of the rope. One day I'll get to that point!

This picture made me laugh, because it appears that I have a smile on my face as

I dip into the water.

Charlie shows us how to correctly surf behind a boat.

And then Charlie shows us how to hang onto the rope after you fall

and body surf through the wake. :)

Matt doing his thang behind the boat

Vanessa (Matt's fiance) and I while Matt is surfing behind the boat

Mike surfing behind the boat. Mike and Charlie are pretty damn good at wakeboarding and surfing. I had some horrible lighting for this photo... the sun was coming down and was behind Mike, which is yucky light for photos

Jim took another turn at surfing... he did a lot better this time than the first time.

He is a quick study.

Me, Tish, Jenn and Vanessa

Vanessa, Matt and I

Tish also got up on surfing! She didn't have a lot of luck the first time around,

but she got up on her 2nd time.

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