Monday, September 07, 2009

Dawn's Birthday at The Liberty

We ventured over to the East side to get some drinks with Dawn the birthday girl. The Liberty was a damn cool bar, and I look forward to going back. It is pretty laid back with a large "back yard", pinball, pool and a decent size inside seating area. The east side of Austin can be a little scary, but there are some great bars and restaurants. I look forward to visiting more areas on the east side!

The hubby and I

All of the ladies at the party,,, and Jake (down at the bottom)

Jim giving Dawn a birthday smooch

The fierce ladies! Lindsay and Dawn

Jake and I... no I do not have a new habit, I just needed a prop for the picture

Dawn and I... No freakin idea why my arm is up. We'll just say that I am cheering Dawn's birthday

The bar at the Liberty

Jim, Rachel, Jake, Dawn and the picture crasher, Matt

Me doing a fabulous hair flip... a little fuzzy but you get the idea

I took a few photos of this picture before I realized I could use the light reflections to my benefit....
Here is the picture before....
And the picture after I moved around a bit to get the light reflections in the eye sockets of the skeleton. Creepy, huh!

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