Monday, September 14, 2009

Yelp Event

Last weekend we had a Yelp event for the Yelper who could build the best cocktail! It was a bit of a cocktail showdown, and let me say up front that the drinks we tried were pretty damn bad. There was one drink that was okay but the other drinks killed my tastebuds so it's hard to say it I would like it today. The event was held at a local liquor store, which was a little awkard. On one half, you had a bunch of Yelpers drinking the bad drinks, tasting wine and eating popcord. And on the other half you had normal people buying liquor and beer. It was a good event, not a great event. After the tasting we headed to the Nomad bar with friends, where we ate a little bit and drank a little bit :o)

Dawn and Jim at Nomad


Jim, Jake, Dawn and I enjoying our Pink Lemonaid shots

Steak and horseradish sauce on a crostini. This was okay... the horseradish sauce totally overpowered all other flavors.

At the Yelp event, we had a drawing for a prize,, this is my hoping that our tickets would win. We didn't. BOOOOOO.

Dawn is enjoying her bottle of wine.

Isabella, Dawn and Lindsay. The hot Elite Yelpers

There was a jazz quartet playing at the Yelp event, they played really well

This was one of the drinks that we got to sample at the Yelp event. Jim makes a drink called the beer margarita, and it has WAY more flavor than this little drink. Seriously, the drinks were not good. Thank god the people we met up with for the night are super cool!

Matt, Jim, Dawn and I

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