Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Birthday Party

Last Friday we headed out to Saba Cafe to celebrate Tammy's birthday. The night started off a bit rocky. We were told the reservations were at 7pm, so we showed up at 7pm. We had to bust our asses to get off of work, get home, change and get downtown by 7pm. We showed up to 6 other people (out of 30) to find out that the reservations were actually at 7:30pm. Huh. Really? So I'm pretty sure it was done because most of Tammy's friends are a bit time challenged and they wanted them to show up on time. It's a petty thing to get pissed about, but DAMN I could have taken more time to relax after I got home rather than running around getting ready. Okay, enough about that. Now I know for next time... it will be okay to be late since they probably lied about the reservation time.

Lindsay, Jennifer and I

At the restaurant, there was this awesome blue lit up wall at the end of the restaurant. I kept an eye on this wall knowing that it would be used in pictures. It didn't take much to get Lindsay and Jennifer posing on the wall :o)

I had Mikes date taking the pictures (ummm, I think her name was Whitney,,, or was it Britney). I changed the settings up a bit and turned off the flash. As you can see below, the pictures came out fantastic.

THANK GOD I have camera whores for friends :o) They had no issues posing on the wall... near people that were eating dinner. Yes, we are those people that make asses of themselves in random places at random times.

After Saba we headed over to Lanai, which is a rooftop bar. I hadn't been there before, but it was pretty cool. The people in the bar were.... ummmm.... kind of douchey. It was the type of bar where people went to go to be "seen" and we aren't exactly that group.
We still had a good time!

Mike, John, Tammy, Nick, Jim and Charlie
Doing my best Thinking Man... not sure what Jim is doing... checking out the hot blonde that just walked by?

Chris and Lindsay

I really liked the blue tiles in the bathroom.... so I took a picture

We fell in love with Longboard beer in Hawaii, and we were SUPER excited to find out that Saba had it on their beer list

We tried the pot stickers, the steak empanadas, and the jerk chicken panni. I wasn't super excited about the food. It was just okay, nothing great and I doubt that I need to go back.

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