Friday, September 25, 2009

The Beavers

Jim's softball name is the Beavers. Real adult, right? For those of you that don't know.... a beaver is another name for a.... ummmm... a girl part... otherwise known as a Va-Jay-Jay. :o) So when we sit in the stands and yell "Go Beavers" it can tend to make some of the guys around us giggle. Now that they have been playing softball for about 4 to 5 years (holy shit, time flies!!!), I figured it would be a good time to get shirts made for the girls! We sit in the stands and cheer every week, and we wanted to have something that we can wear to show our support for the guys. I used the same company that I used to make the Dirty Bones shirts, They are really helpful and have a very easy process to order shirts. Luckily they had a few different beaver pictures to choose from, AND they even had a beaver swinging a bat... PERFECT!!

We debuted our shirts at a softball game a couple of weeks ago. The boys had no idea what we were up to, but we all showed up in our shirts to cheer on the guys! They were really surprised and happy that we made up shirts!!

The shirt design

Vanessa holding Jackson... he was still sleepy from the ride over to the ball fields

Kyndal posing in her Beavers shirt

Champ, John and Tammy's dog, didn't get a shirt, but he had his own little shirt that said "Champ"

Jenn, Vanessa, Ashley and Jackson... heading to the fields to show off our new shirts

Lindsay and Kyndal goofing around in the stands

Vanessa, Jackson and Jenn

Jackson is such a happy baby.... he is perfectly fine to sit by himself to to be held by a bunch of girls

Since this is a post about the guys softball game, I had to post at least one picture of the game... here is Jim getting ready to bat

The ladies and our shirts
Lindsay, Tammy, Me, Vanessa, Jennifer, Cheryl, Carmen, Ashley and Kyndal in front

The backs of our shirts! We put our last names on the back

After the games are over, we all tend to hang out at the park
Ashley, Jackson and Nick

Jackson was a total mess... Ashley gave him some type of cookie treat for him to gnaw on. But he ended up getting it all over his face and clothing. Everybody gave him space so we didn't get the mushed up cookie on us

John and Champ
By far, the most disturbing photo of the year.... Let me explain before you think you are looking at something real. While Jason and Ashley lived in Australia, he bought a bottle opener that had a pair of kangaroo balls as the base. Gross, right? They are even furry. Yuck. Anywho... Jason saw me coming with the camera and slyly put the bottle opener up his pants, to appear like his junk was hanging out. GROSS, but very funny.

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Karen Gilbert said...

A friend of ours was on a team called "The Masterbatters". Another friend, named Reese, sponsored a women's team who called themselves Reese's Pieces.