Monday, September 07, 2009

First Game of the Season

The first game of the UT season was on Pay Per View. Kind of bullshit if you ask me since they played a team that was clearly going to get crushed by UT (final score was UT: 59 LA- Monroe 20). So we were just going to find a bar to go watch the game (Shooters was our first choice :o) ), but we got the e-mail from Courtney saying that they were going to purchase the game. SWEET! So we had a potluck dinner and watched the game. It was great because we could catch up with friends, eat great food and watch the game. I only watched about half of the game since it was a blow out but UT looked good. I'm excited for the season to be here. Or maybe I'm just excited because I associate football with fall weather, and I am SOOOO ready for cooler temps!

My ladies... Kelly, Courtney, me and Nicole

Nicole and I

This is Hannah, Kelly's 2 year old. She was so cute, just hanging out half on the couch and half of the coffee table.
Busy in the kitchen

Nicole and I had a little fun with Hannah's baby doll. Perhaps a bit to much fun :)

We passed on bad habits to the baby doll. Before we knew it, she grabbed the beer and downed it, burped and smiled. I think we have a future party girl!! :)

Courtney was watching her brothers dogs for the weekend.
This is Hannah and she spent most of the night under the table.
She was kind of skittish and preferred to stay away from the humans.

Jason, Ashley holding Jackson, Jim holding Kyndal, me and Hannah

Kyndal likes to attack her Uncle Jim :) She is getting so big! Hard to imagine that she was our flower girl.

Jackson and I. Holding this guy is a work out. He'll be one in a month or so but according to Ashley and Jason, he is off of the charts for weight and height for a baby his age. He is soooo darn cute!



Nicole the dog whisperer.... with Hannah and Holly

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