Sunday, January 02, 2011


On New Years Eve, we met with friends for dinner then we went over to Jen and Charlies to celebrate the new year! We ate at Tokyo Steak House and it was..... not the best experience. First off when we called for the reservation we asked if they had a special menu or if we could order off of the regular menu. We were assured that we could order off of the regular menu and of course when we showed up we could only order from a "special menu". When we asked to talk to the manager, she said that the special menu was a better deal for us and that we were lucky. Once she left the table we all laughed because we were pretty sure that she was (in a nice way) calling us stupid.

Had our mishaps ended there, it would have been a decent night. But plagued with bad service and a cook who LOVED salt and overcooking every bodies steak it became laughable. Thankfully we were with good friends because they made up for the seriously sub par service and food.

Finally at Charlie and Jens... where I'm pretty sure my ankles swelled up from all of the salt at Tokyo Steakhouse. Of course you have a couple ass-hats in the background... Matt and Chris.

The Black Jacket Brigade I'm not sure if I have an abnormally large head or if the damn party hats were small. This damn thing sat on my head like a dunce cap :)
Wouldn't be a blog post without a self portrait
Matt, Vannessa, me and Jim
Starting to get a little crazy
Awww.. Jason and Ashley enjoying a new years smooch
Chris and Lindsay
After all of the kissing and hugging at Midnight, we moved on to Flippy Cup. Jim found the hat in the garage and designated it his had for the night
For those of you that don't know, Flippy Cup is a team event and the winner gains the ability to taunt the losing team for being slow drinkers and not being able to flip their cup. Basically you stand in a line, you have your cup in front of you with about 1/4 or 1/2 filled up with beer. Each person goes one at a time... you drink the beer, put your cup slightly over the edge of the table, and flip it over. Once the cup flips over successfully then the next person goes. This is not a game of skill nor do you need a high intelligence but it can be damn fun.
Ashley, Lindsay, me, Jennifer and Vannessa
Lindsay, Vannessa, Erin and I
Vannessa heard a song she liked so she jumped up on the ottoman and began to dance for us. I got a huge case of the giggles while she was dancing. My friends always make me laugh

I hope you had a wonderful beginning to 2011. For me, it was all about being with my hubby and friends celebrating together.

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