Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fitness, Food and My Ass

I thought I would update you guys on my becoming fit (which really means I want to rock out a hard body on the lake this year, no thunder thighs, no bodonka donk butt). I successfully went to work out at least twice a week in the month of December. I wish I could have gone more, but December is a crazy time full of work, parties, family gatherings, and shopping. All things considered I am proud of myself. I lost 4 pounds since the beginning of December, and I am ecstatic because I ate like a pig in December. I didn't hold back at happy hours, family gatherings and holiday meals. The weight loss makes me hopeful that I'll be successful at getting the body I want.

At work we started a "Biggest Loser" type contest. We all weighed ourselves on the 3rd, gave our goal weight loss, and keeping track to see who loses the most weight. It will be percentage based to make it fair. BUT what I am really proud about is the fact that I actually got on a scale in front of people and let them see how much I weigh. Why on earth is it so hard for a woman to tell her weight? Actually when I was thin I didn't care who knew what I weighed, so I think it must be part of the shame of gaining weight. I was slightly embarrassed because I am currently at the high end of what I have ever weighed but it was slightly empowering to tell my weight. So blogger world, I am currently at 139.. there I said it... sure I am having heart palpitations actually putting that in writing for you guys to see but what the fuck. You only live once right :) And I am envisioning how utterly cool it will be once I finally lose the 10 pounds (ultimately I think I would like to lose 15). I realize that I am not overweight, but DAMN I feel the extra weight... It's like it slows me down and makes me more tired. And I can't fit into some of my favorite pants. I have refused to buy any more pants until I lose weight. I don't want to spend the money on something that I will hopefully only be able to fit into for another month or so.

Now that I have the workout thing down, I am focusing on food. We do a really good job of eating at home most of the time, but now I have to "slenderize" the food that I cook at home. Not every night, but maybe 4 nights out of the week. I have some ideas, but I am searching the Internet for tasty healthy meals to make.

So friends, I hope that I make it through this and will be prancing about in my bikini in a short few months :)

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