Monday, January 03, 2011

First Brunch of the Year!
Rachel was in town visiting from Hawaii so it was a perfect time to meet up for a ladies brunch. This time we decided to give Cru a try, their menu looked good and they had $9 unlimited mimosa's. Plus it was in a centrally located area so it worked for everybody! In the past I have only had a cheese plate and some nibbles at Cru, so I was hopeful for their brunch.
I knew most of the ladies with an exception of a couple (Rachel's friends) so there was plenty of chatting and laughing all day. But like I said, it was unlimited mimosa's so of course there was plenty of chatting and laughing. It was fun to hear how everybody spent the holidays and the new year.
While we were at our table, we asked the waiter to take our picture (in which we handed him 5 camera's :) ) when another waiter came up and said..."hey- why don't you jump up on the bar while we don't have anybody here". So of course we all jumped up and went to the bar and hopped up! Even Kenzie, Krista's 4 year old, joined us :). I love this photo and I love how the employees went out of their way to help create a fantastic photo opportunity!

Krista is sharing stories and pictures from New Years Eve. The picture of her spanking some guy (not sure if she knew him or not) was so damn hilarious.

Kenzie is such a cutie! She had a fun time playing her game

Kelly made a visit, which surprised us all because she just had her baby 13 days ago! She looked fantastic for just having a baby!!

Nicole, Ashley, me and Rachel
Rachel and Courtney
Overall my Eggs Benedict were tasty. I would have hoped for a runnier yolk and a little more Hollandaise sauce but it hit the spot. The potato's were done perfectly and spiced nice.

Baby Ella hanging out, she slept the entire time

Kelly and Ella

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