Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Wednesday
always starts with coffee and the pups following me around

and since it was my day off, I made some eggs for breakfast (along with a little onion and potato)

Thanks to a cold front, we have been hovering around the 30's for the low and high

Love my PJ's!

Even though I really wanted to be lazy, I got up and went to a work out class!

It kicked my ass but I felt great that I went.

I tried StEat out for the first time. I was going to be good and get some grilled shrimp and miso soup, but I went down a different path as soon as I saw the Chipotle Pork Gordita with guacamole. The sandwich needed more of the slaw that was supposed to be on the top for a much needed crunch. The gordita was good but a little dense so it could have held up with the slaw. The meat was good but a little dry. They have a huge and diverse menu, so I'll be back to give them a try.

Since I still had some energy left after working out and eating so I went to North Loop and looked around some of the thrift shops.

Lots of cool things that fit in the time frame that our house was built
I am digging these lights. We have a den that has horrible lighting and I think these would be a nice addition and they go with the house. The thrift store is having a sale on their lighting this month, so I'll have to decide if they will be purchased or not.

I spent a lot of time outback with the pups playing with the Frisbee and chasing them around. They are pretty hyper with the cooler weather :)

Love this one of Chewie! He was watching the squirrels run around in the trees

Tonight was a light dinner. Sauteed chicken breasts in olive oil with a little orange juice and hoisen sauce, sauteed Brussels Sprouts (LOVE Brussels sprouts) and rice.
After dinner I took a shower since I was still pretty funky from my work out. The hot water was NICE
While I was showering, Chewie jumped on to our bed and took a little nap. I actually think he was ready to sleep for the rest of the night, but he ended up coming out to the living room with the rest of us.
Me, the couch and the kids. If you'll notice, the pups are the most comfortable, and I am contorting my body just to sprawl out on the couch.
Dilemma... what to use in my cocoa?!? ;)

And the rest of the night was spent catching up on shows on DVR and of course Top Chef. Hopefully I didn't bore you to much with my day! :)

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