Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend was a lot of fun since I was able to spend time with my good friends! On Friday night we met up with Dawn & Matt, Lindsay and Karie for her birthday at The Liberty. We enjoy going to The Liberty since it is a laid back bar where you can have fun with friends and have normal conversations (not yelling over music). And now they have a bonus... a fantastic food trailer in the back. We spent a few hours hanging out with everybody before we had to call it a night. We didn't want to leave Abby in the crate for to long.

Friday Night

Dawn and Lindsay-

with the fantastic port-o-potties in the back ground

Hot ladies flaunting their ta-ta's

We ordered a fried Brussels sprouts salad to share... Once I took a bite, I wanted to take it and run far far away so Jim couldn't eat any. It was so good, damn good... the Brussels sprouts were tender, the salad had shredded lettuce, cilantro, onions, mint, and jalapenos in a great spicy vinaigrette. I was sweating while eating this salad but it was SOOOO damn good.

We also ordered an order of the steamed buns with fried chicken thighs. We originally wanted the pork belly buns but they were out :( These were a good alternative. The bun was nice and tender and the chicken was crispy. There was sliced onions and cilantro along with the chicken. They were tasty but my favorite is the Brussels sprout salad. I do want to head back to try a few other dishes.
East Side Kings needs Lindsay to model for them
Lindsay, Jim, Me, Karie, Matt and Dawn

Jim and Matt... loving on each other... In the open... at a bar.

The flash killed the color photo, so I tried to save it by converting it to black and white. Dawn pointed out that the beer is placed (by accident) to prevent a nipple slip

Fun the the alley

Saturday Night

Our friend Brian made a pit stop in Austin this weekend. He has been living in Hawaii for the past 3 years and now he is moving to Naples Italy. He is in the Marine Corps, and keeps getting stationed in these fantastic areas! Of course, during that time he did do 2 tours in Afghanistan ,,, Thank you Brian for protecting our country! You rock!

Jim, Steven and Brian

Nicole was teaching us her fly dance moves... especially in those wedges. Girl has talent.

Mahvash, Nicole and I
Brian, me, Jim, Steven and Nicole
Nicole and I
Mahvash, Kyle (Brian's friend), and Brian
This cracks me up... Nicole and Jim dancing like they would have back in 8th grade

Jim, Brian and Kyle

Brian with a lady in the back ground... who knows what she is doing... but it cracked me up so here it is
Steven, John (Steven's brother) and Supawn
I don't understand it, but Brian and Kyle found it hilarious to take pictures with old dudes with long hair. We had a great time hanging out with everybody. Jim and I are planning on saving our money so we can make a trip to Italy to visit Brian. Hopefully in a year we will be able to go visit!

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