Saturday, May 08, 2010

Wedding Rehearsal

Last weekend we headed down to San Antonio for our good friends wedding. Chris and Lindsay have been engaged for 2 years, so we have had plenty of time to get ready for this wedding :) They chose to have the wedding in San Antonio so they could have a mini-destination wedding. They wanted something outside of Austin, but not so far away that friends and family wouldn't be able to make it. I absolutely loved their venue and the hotel that we stayed at while in SA. Since both Jim and I were in the wedding, we arrived on Friday afternoon for the rehearsal.

Just arrived at the hotel

The rehearsal was across the street at the Sheraton

The wedding party (minus the bride and groom)

Ashley, Melissa, Michelle, me, Chris, Nick, Jason, Tyson, Jim, Eric and John

We were waiting to practice walking down the isle. Jim and I were a couple, and Ashley was escorted down the isle by Eric and Tyson

After the rehearsal we went to dinner at Laundrys on the Riverwalk. We sat outside on their porch overlooking the Riverwalk. It was a very nice setting and we all had a great time.

This picture is kind of funny because at first glance it is just me, Chris and Ashley. However, there are a couple of jokesters in the photo as well. Nick is standing right behind Chris, and you can see his little eyeball staring at you (to the right of Chris) and John is fake picking his nose on the right hand side of the photo. Goof balls

One of the many tables at Landrys

Nick, Magen, Chris, Brandon Michelle, Tammy and John

We had 3 choices for dinner... salmon, chicken with pasta and the steak with shrimp. I debated between the steak and the chicken but steak won out because the chicken was going to be in a heavy white sauce.

The happy couple, Chris and Lindsay, on the night before their wedding

Come on... you knew I couldn't just let them have their own photo... I had to invade with a self photo of all of us :)

Ashley, Vannessa and I

The hotel bar was modern and a fun place to hang out.

No idea what they are doing

Some of the ladies at the hotel bar

Amy, me, Vannessa, Jenn, Ashley, Lindsay, Erin and Tammy

After the hotel bar some of us headed out to a piano bar on the Riverwalk, where we closed it down. Luckily we didn't have to meet up on the next day until 1pm, so staying at the bars until 2am didn't hurt to bad :)

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Hannah said...

Congrats to the Happy Couple! I love Lindsay!! Looks like you had a blast.