Sunday, May 16, 2010

Muddy Buddy

It's that time again for the Muddy Buddy race. For those of you not familiar with the race, it is a race where two runners run and bike for 6 miles while doing 4 obstacles. But during the race, you are on your own because while you are running your partner is on the bike and at each obstacle you switch off... if you were running you are now on the bike. And the last obstacle that we do, is the mud pit. And we do this obstacle together. This is our 2nd year to do the race, and I believe we are hooked. This year was rough because it POURED the night before so the entire course was muddy.

I bought a disposable waterproof camera for the race, and I don't know if it was the camera or the processing, but all pictures have this weird blue tint. Not happy but not much I can do about it.

The happy clean couple before the race
Some people dress up for the race, not sure what these guys are.... Afro's with mustaches?

Here we are in our group ready to start! The race has different groups based on age (besides the one group that is based on weight, for the really big boys that are racing called "The Beasts")

Getting excited, the starting line

This is one of the obstacles... a 30 foot blow up slide where you climb up using a rope ladder then you slide down. HOWEVER, when you have shorts on, when you slide down there is a bit of friction

Jim was hating life here... the bike was jammed up with mud and the front wheel was jammed. It took a lot of work to keep the mud/crap out of the gears and wheel. When it was my turn with the bike I wanted to ditch the bike and just run. It was miserable to have a bike that wouldn't work.

Not sure if you can read the sign but it says "2 Miles to the Beer Garden... RUNNNNNN!!!"

The crappy camera didn't really get a good shot, but I was trying to get a good shot of the camera and my shoes caked with mud

We finished!!!! I seem to be a little more muddy than Jim but the mud pit was more water than mud due to the rain the night before The Muddy Couple

These guys were dressed up as firemen for the race (pretty sure they really were firemen since the pants they had on looked like the real deal). I REALLY wish I didn't have the mud sludge on the camera because these guys were looking good. But of course, not as good as my husband ;)

The infamous mud pit. On the right of the photo you can see where the runners come up to the mud pit, and then get on their bellies and slide down into the mud. But like I said, the mud pit was more water just because of the rain the night before
I was unprepared for this weekend... I didn't start running nearly early enough to get my body used to the distance. I am damn motivated to make sure that next year we will be ready to go!!


Optimista said...

This looks like FUN! What are the distances on the running/biking?

Blurry or no, those firemen look hawt!

Dana said...

The entire race was about 6 miles long through the Hill Country. There are 5 legs of the race which means each leg was a little over a mile long. If you started the race running, you would run 3 legs of the race and bike the other 2.

The race is rough but it is a blast!! And yes.. the firemen were HAWT!