Thursday, May 13, 2010

We have a new family member!!!


Ever since Taylor passed we knew we would get another dog but we didn't have a time frame set on when we would get one. We had a pretty hectic March and April so we waited until our social calendar slowed down before we started looking. We started our search on Sunday by heading to Town Lake animal shelter to "just look". We originally found an 8 month old boy lab/pointer mix that caught our attention but since it was to late we couldn't take him out to play. We went back on Monday to play with him outside of the cages and it didn't go as well as we had hoped. He loved chasing his tennis ball, but aside from that he didn't pay any attention to us. We tried to call him but he didn't really care about us. Huh?!?. So we were a little deflated so we walked around the pound again just to look and think about what just happened in the pen. We weren't turned off by the puppy but just a little surprised because most dogs want the attention of a human. While we were looking around I noticed a little girl puppy staring at me. I went over and pet her, and she just leaned into the fence trying to get closer to me. I called Jim over and we played with her through the fence. We headed to the office to ask about her, and found out that she was healthy and didn't have any applications on her. We scheduled a meet and greet with her and the other dog for the next day. We wanted to give the first dog a 2nd chance to see if he was just having an off day.

The meet and greet with Chewie and the female pup (Abby) went really well. Chewie was a little annoyed that we put her in a room with a hyper puppy but over all it went well. When we brought the boy in, it wasn't a bad experience, but the two didn't mix well. The little boy wanted to boss Chewie around and Chewie didn't want any part of that.

So we talked about it and decided that the little girl would be a perfect fit for the family!! I picked her up last night after she was spayed.

Internet world... Meet Abby!

We were told that she is a lab mix but I see a little Pit Bull and a little Border Collie in her. She is a little fireball and is constantly moving, so getting a good picture of her is a little hard! :) Maybe once she calms down a bit I'll get a non-moving picture :)

She fits almost perfectly under Chewie... although here they were playing chase
Her first car ride! She just sat in the passenger seat the entire way. Don't worry Mom, we are at a stop light here. I wasn't doing 65mph down Mopac :)

Jim doing a little snuggling with her


Hannah said...

What a cutie!! Great pick!

Optimista said...

What a sweet, sweet looking girl! Congratulations on your new addition! She is adorable.