Thursday, May 13, 2010


Since I was in the wedding, and it is frowned upon for a bridesmaid to take pictures while walking down the isle and while standing during the wedding so I didn't get any pictures of the ceremony. :) Hopefully I'll get some of the photos from friends that were watching the wedding.
We had such a fun time... we spent time with friends, got to dress up, had a little sangria/beer, ate good food, and DANCED! The dancing got a little out control (you'll see below) but man oh man, we laughed the entire time! The entire weekend was SO MUCH FUN!

Jim and I
Jason, Ashley, Nicole, Steven, Jim and I
Vannessa and I
Most of the wedding party right after the ceremony. Bride and Groom were off taking pictures with their family.
Vannessa and Matt... the next couple to get married in September :)

Table of friends
Their first dance
Nick and Magen
Jason and Ashley

Jason, Jim, me and Charlie
Lindsay's grandma is cutting a rug!!

The bouquet toss... this time she threw lottery tickets instead of flowers so that all of the women can participate! I won't say much except that one of our friends girlfriends got a little possessive and might have pushed the little girl out of the way... it was quite funny. The little girl was not harmed :)

Jason, Ashley, me and Jim... weddings can't all be serious, gotta be a little goofy

Boys dancing
Some of the ladies... Tammy, Erin, Dana, Jennifer, Vannessa and Magen. We did not pose from short to tallest, I swear. We were on stairs and it just kind of happened.


Jim doing his "Molly Ringwald" dance. I'm not sure how he contorted his body like that

More dancing!
Lindsay and Chris

Lindsay surprised Chris and got him a Colts garter belt, his favorite team

Doing some type of jumping and shaking dance... it was hilarious

Jim, Jason and Chris

Ashley, Lindsay, Michelle and I

Ashley, Lindsay and I
Their last dance... so graceful!
Back at the hotel I changed to be a little more comfortable. We all met up at the hotel bar where we hung out until around 2am. I went to bed and Jim headed to our friends hotel room to continue the party.
Chris, Lindsay, me and Jim

Vannessa, Chris, Jim, Lindsay and Chris

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