Monday, May 17, 2010

Our first week with Abby

Tomorrow will be a full week that we have had Abby. She has been a great dog so far. We still have some work to do to get her fully house trained, but with every day that passes she seems to understand it a little better (we just have to be more aware of her subtle hints).

Things we have learned....

  • She bounces like a deer when she is chasing the ball, and she has a huge retriever instinct because she'll chase down and bring back just about anything that we throw.
  • She loves her big brother, Chewie. They wrestle around all day long. Chewie doesn't have the stamina that she does so she'll need to learn when to turn down the energy at the end of the day.
  • She is not afraid of the rain, thunder, lightening, or the vacuum. However she did bark at the broom when Jim was sweeping the kitchen
  • She hardly cries when she is put in her crate at night,,, just a little whimpering and then she is done.
  • She likes to attack my ankles when I walk in the back yard, but once I tell her "no" she stops.
  • Watch out for her once she takes a drink of water... I swear she gets more on her and the floor than she does in her belly
  • She makes the cutest little squeak when she yawns
  • She likes sticks,,, regardless if they are on the ground or still attached to the bush/tree
  • Our first walk around the block was a success... just a couple little hiccups when she didn't feel like walking, but a quick little tug and she was back to walking with me

    She got the jump on my camera,,, I couldn't get it to focus fast enough before she got to me
A rare quiet moment in the back yard

I'm not sure if she likes her squeeky ball or her frisbee better in the back yard

She is great about bringing the frisbee back, but doesn't quite able to catch it in the air

Abby loving on Chewie

Chewie sunning himself

Abby and Chewie playing chase

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Optimista said...

Your puppy pictures are making me so happy!! I LOVE the action shot of Abby running, ears flyyyying in the breeze.