Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pictures of the kids
I have been spending a lot of time in the backyard getting eaten alive by mosquito's while watching the kids play. Mostly I enjoy watching them wrestle, but I also feel like I need to be a referee and make sure that Chewie doesn't trample over Abby. I don't think he would hurt her on purpose but their weight and size difference causes for concern for an accident. So spending time outdoors with the kids means that I am documenting every minute with my camera :) I won't bore you with all of the photos I took, but I did pick out my favorites to show you!

Last week Abby was trying to get onto the bed when she fell. At first I didn't know anything was wrong because she didn't yelp, but I did notice that she wasn't using her back leg. We gave it two days before we took her to the vet, we were hoping that it was just a sprain and would heal with time. I took her to the vet 2 days after the accident and found out that she hurt her knee and was going to need surgery. The official term is Tibial Tuberosity Avulsion. I found this explanation on

An avulsion fracture occurs when a bone breaks and a fragment of the bone is separated by the pull of an attaching muscle, tendon or ligament. The tibial tuberosity is the prominent bump on the front and top of the tibia, the shin-bone, below the knee joint. This tuberosity attaches the patella (knee-cap) via a strong thick tendon of the quadriceps muscle group. A fracture of the tibial tuberosity often results in an avulsion fracture, by virtue of the pull of the quadripceps muscles.This fracture tends to occur in younger dogs, before this area of the tibia has fully grown and fused to the rest of the bone. The fracture occurs in puppies in association with trauma, often falling from a height and landing with the knee in flexion, tearing the bone fragment from its normal position.

I am taking her to the surgeon on Wednesday morning. I hope that it will be an easy surgery with a quick recovery! Will keep you guys posted.

Chewie and Abby saying Hi to the next door neighbor.

The Frisbee is Chewie's favorite toy so when Abby went for it, I kept an eye on them. Chewie was very gentle with her and only threw here around a little :)

Jim is no match for Chewie and Abby... they won the tug of war game

Leaping Chewie!!

Love this picture!! I can't really get on the ground to get any "from the ground up photos" with her because as soon as I get down she runs over to lick me

The King of the Backyard. His crazy long tongue always hangs like this after we play Frisbee

Jim had a tough day playing Frisbee as well... this is his treat :)

Pooped kids after a day of playing!


Optimista said...

Super, super cute photos! I'm glad Abby's surgery went well today.

Hannah said...

Oh no! Poor Abby! I hope she is doing better!! You and Jim have some pretty cute kids!! =))