Thursday, February 04, 2010


I have thrown together pictures over the past couple of weeks for you to enjoy!
Here we go,,, Jimmy is going to start us off with his best Zoolander face :)
See these? These are the reason my jeans are still tight. Damn you Gourdoughs for producing delicious sweet and savory doughnuts. We got the doughnut with Canadian Bacon, cream cheese and jalapeno jelly and a doughnut with pecans, bananas, carmel, and graham cracker crust. Holy freakin yummy.
Jake, Jim, Dawn and I

Jim, Ryan and Matt enjoying some boy talk

Dawn and Matt were so nice and made us some hot toddys. For the the life of me, I can't remember what in the hell they made us. It had rum and a brown sugar flavor mix....
I was stuck in a conference for work for a couple of days this week. I wish I had more time with the camera around the hotel because they had great fixtures and used a lot of dark distressed wood. This was looking up in the Grand Ballroom

Another view of the chandelier, through the dinner spoon!
I got stuck in some pretty horrible traffic on the way home from San Antonio. I was able to get to about the Riverside exit on 35 before it was total gridlock. Rain + rush hour traffic + Austin = Yuck
I didn't feel like being on 35 anymore, so I took the Riverside exit and kept along the surface roads. The traffic wasn't much better but it made me feel better that I wasn't parked on 35.

We headed to try on bridesmaid dresses a couple of weekends ago for Chris and Lindsay's wedding. There are some WACKY dresses out there. I think this dress is from the "I'm with Barbie" line
Last weekend Taylor and I headed to the Farmers Market. I wish I could have taken Chewie with us but it is to much for me to handle by myself. Since we found out that Taylor was sick, I have been trying to get her out more and of course she gets her fair share of people food. This morning was a egg and potato from a breakfast taco (no tortilla for her)

We took a little time at the parking garage to take a few photos. For the most part she is a ham, but she was curious about the garage and smells and I couldn't get her to focus :)

And then there is Chewie, who loves to use pillows when he sleeps. So not only does he like pillows, he also likes to hog the couch and the bed.


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