Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today I found Chi'lantro
I found out about the new food truck at Food is the New Forty's blog (if I had more skills, I would have been able to make that a hyper link). I have heard about the Korean BBQ trucks in LA, so I knew this was one food truck that I needed to try. Chi'lantro moves around the city every day, so you need to check their twitter account or website to find out where they are going to be each day. It also seems that they move between lunch and dinner areas. I found them today at 2nd and Congress in a parking lot but they had one little table to sit at (in hindsight it is very possible that the table was for Kebabalicious-- oops). I wish it was a little warmer... I think it was about 45 degrees while I was eating, which meant that I was shivering and shaking my tacos around :).
I decided on the pork taco and the beef taco (2 bucks each) and I added kimchi to the tacos. I haven't had kimchi before, and I was SO happy that I added it. Kimchi added a nice crunch and a slow burn to the tacos. The tacos were wrapped in two corn tortillas, and they worked hard to keep the filling contained. They were filled with Chi'lantro salsa, julienne lettuce in a Korean Chili Soy Vinaigrette, cilantro, onions, green onions, and roasted sesame seeds. The toppings made up 2/3s of the taco and the meat made up 1/3 of the taco. The tacos were truly yummy. They also offer a burger that I'll be back to try!

Chomp, chomp, chomp

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Optimista said...

Nice pics! So glad you liked Chi'Lantro...and thanks for the shout out! :D