Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday Funday

Last Sunday we all needed to get out of the house and our "funk" and go enjoy the nice weather. Jim, Chewie and I loaded up in the car and went to find lunch. Since we had Chewie with us, we knew it would be some type of trailer and I had heard such good things about Franklin BBQ so we headed over there. We found the trailer (behind Owl Tree Roasters on I-35 on the bottom) and easy parking on the street. Jim went to check out the menu while I kept Chewie with me at the table. He still gets rather excited when we go out, and doesn't really relax while we are out. We are working on training him to sit/lay and stay while we are eating and not try to jump up and say hi to everybody that walks by.

On to the food.... I ordered the brisket sandwich and Jim ordered the pulled pork with coleslaw. The brisket was delicate and had a great flavor, that wasn't super smoky. I ended up pulling most of the meat off of the bread so I could enjoy the meat without the bread as filler. There were 4 different choices of sauces that you could use. The most unique was the espresso bbq sauce... the sauce added a depth of flavor that I haven't experienced with BBQ before. I noticed the coffee flavor right away but then it finished with a slight smoky flavor. It was a strong sauce, so I used it sparingly. I also tried the other sauces, which were good but they didn't really stand out.

Jim loved his sandwich and after begging him, he finally gave me a bite. It was really good, but I still liked my brisket sandwich better :) . We will be back in the near future to try out their ribs, cause if they are anything like the brisket and pork, they will be fantastic.

After our sandwiches we headed over to Town Lake (I just can't get used to calling it Lady Bird Lake, sorry!) to let Chewie release some energy at the leash less area for dogs.

He is not a water dog,,, he has never gone in by himself, he always followed Taylor. I am curious to see what happens this summer! He was happy just to watch all of the dogs run around and play. We let him off of his leash, but he kind of went around and did his own thing.

Like a good boy, he always comes running when his mama calls him :)
Since it was such a nice day outside, we didn't want to end our outdoor time. We headed over to Cuatros (which is dog friendly) to get a couple of drinks and relax. This is Chewies first time at a bar but he did okay. The waitress brought over a bowl of water for him as well as some treats. After checking out the area he finally laid down and observed everything going on around him. I know after a few more times of going out and training him, he'll be the perfect companion for our day time outings.

Cuatros has happy hour specials all day on their drinks which I think is $1 off bottles, $2 domestic drafts, and $3 Well drinks.

Yes, we got nachos, don't judge just because we had BBQ sandwiches 1.5 hrs before :)
We are the type of people that want our nachos overflowing and messy. We don't want the dainty little chips that the restaurant prepared the nacho toppings on individually. We want the toppings sloshed on, and we want more toppings than chips. Cuatro's nachos were really good!! We did a good job of putting a dent into the nachos before the wicked cold front hit Austin. We had no idea that at around 3:30 on Sunday afternoon, Austins' weather would drop about 15 degrees in 5 minutes.... and I'm not even exaggerating, it got damn cold! Plus big black clouds blocked the sun, which made it even colder. Our patio time at Cuatros was cut short but we'll be back. They made sure Chewie was just as comfortable as we were.... I love dog friendly bars!!!


Optimista said...

I've been dying to try Franklin! And now I'm totally craving nachos, too. Have you had the nachos at Cover 3? I think those might be my favorite nachos EVER. I'm pretty sure the chips are homemade, and they are suuuper yummy. Not dog-friendly, though. :(

Dana said...

I can't wait to get back to Franklin to try their ribs, I hope they are as good as their brisket! We'll have to head over to Cover 3 to try their nachos!