Friday, February 19, 2010


Tonight we decided to try out Musashino for dinner. We realized it had been far to long since we have had sushi. So it was decided... sushi for dinner! We were able to get a table in about 30 minutes when we walked up on a Friday night. It was a non-issue since we just sat at the bar and enjoyed a water (...ha! Just kidding, of course we had a couple of beers).

I wish I had taken a few minutes more to get a good picture, but I had two things going against me. 1) there was very low light 2) I could see Jim eyeballing the sushi, he was ready to eat and not exactly ready to wait while I positioned the sushi next to the candle light to get a good picture :).

We ordered the....

  • Rainbow Roll- California roll with tuna, fresh salmon, shrimp, avocado and white fish on top
  • Texas Roadkill- jalapeno, habanero and orange smelt caviar on the outside, cucumber, avocado and tuna
  • Spicy Lobster Roll- chunk of lobster and avocado roll served with spicy hybrid sauce.
Our favorite's were the Spicy Lobster roll and the Texas Roadkill. The Rainbow Roll had a good fresh flavor, but it lacked flavor or perhaps spice. The Roadkill roll was good on it's own, but when you dipped it into the jalapeno/habanero sauce you could expect your mouth to instantly feel on fire- but in a good way :). And the Lobster roll was good on it's own, but it was taken to a different level when dipped in the sauce.

I am really looking forward to going back to Musashanio for sushi and to Chinatown for Chinese food (the restaurant that was above Mushashino).


Optimista said...

Ooo, I LOVE Musashino! I still think they do the best traditional sushi in town. If you haven't been to Mikado, their rolls are excellent, too.

Dana said...

We haven't been to Mikado either, we will have to check them out next time. Thanks for the recommendation! :)