Sunday, January 31, 2010

My first Princess Party

Sure, I probably attended a princess party when I was 5 but this was my first one in adulthood. Dawn and Lindsay have been friends for a year so they wanted to celebrate. First off... kudos on remembering when you guys freaking met! I am impressed, and what I find funny is that I think I was at the same event with you guys :) So Jim and I headed over to Dawn and Matt's for a little drinking and mayhem. Our night started off with Rockband. I have zero experience with Guitar Hero or Rockband. Seemed hard to me, so I started off with the drums..... not terrible. BUT then I tried the bass... and I was HORRIBLE. That shit was hard, I couldn't press the right colors on time. Oh well, I guess I need more practice.

Dawn, Lindsay, Jake and Jarrett rocking out

Jim's turn on the drums, he was pretty good

I noticed that Dawn and Matt had St. Germaine on hand, so I asked if I could check it out. Dawn said that I had to try her favorite drink... St. Germaine and Processco. Quite tasty... gonna have to pick up a bottle for our house!

Jim and I... My contribution to the princess party was my pink feather boa :) The guys were not required to participate

The night took a turn back to my college days when we decided to play the card game, Asshole. Man, it took me WAY back to my days at Arizona State. Luckily I still remember those days :)
Dawn with stars in her eyes
The President and the Asshole.
Dawn was so nice to make hats for our roles in the game. Basically, the winner of the game prior is the President and the loser is the Asshole.

Jake and his little beanie... this hat made the rounds this night.
Jake the President and Lindsay taking a picture

Dawn and Matt... thanks for having us over!! :)


Optimista said...

OMG! I didn't know you knew Dawn & Lindsay! Is that how you found my blog?

Dana said...

Ha, small world!!! No, I believe I found your blog through your link on Yelp (either that or through another local blog) :) I've known Dawn for a few years now, and I met Lindsay through various Yelp events!

Optimista said...

Ahhh...that's how I met them, too. Hope to meet YOU at one (or elsewhere) soon!