Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jim's Trip

My husband and his friends went on a very cool bachelor party in Lake Tahoe. Simply put I was (am) very jealous of the trip, I wanted to go skiing damn it. It has been YEARS since I have been skiing and I think it is time for a trip! When I lived in Arizona I would go skiing 4-5 times a season. All I had to do is drive about 2 hrs and I'd be in Flagstaff. It wasn't the best skiing in the world, but it was skiing and skiing that I could so in a weekend for very cheap.
So not only did my husband abandon me for many large snow covered mountains for 5 days, he also ate at In and Out burger. Bastard. Kidding..... kind of :) I am just jealous!

Jim driving in the truck, from the airport to the house they rented
Jim took this picture on one of the ski runs. How freakin gorgeous is this view!?!?!? If I ever make it to Heavenly, I know I'll be torn between going skiing and taking pictures. I'm sure I could find a happy balance. I am so glad that he took pictures! I gave him one of my old point and shoot camera's to use. He said that he kept forgetting to take pictures... can't blame him since I have been the primary person to take pictures since we have been together (8 years).
Here are the guys (minus 2 guys... bar? bathroom? who knows??) that went on the trip. You can't really see it in the pictures, but all of the guys have ridiculous moustaches. They grew out beards before the trip and then on Sunday night they all shaved so they could have the Tom Selleck moustache. I thought it was a pretty hilarious idea... the guys can be pretty creative.

Some of the boys resting after a few hours of skiing/snowboarding

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