Tuesday, February 23, 2010

s * n * o * w

in Austin!!!! Last night when the news was taunting us with the chance of snow, I got a little excited. I should know better than to get excited, because this is Texas and you just never know what the weather is going to be like until you wake up that day and look outside. However, kudos Mr. Weatherman.... you nailed it today!!! Around 10am I looked outside at work and saw the biggest wet drops of snow that I have seen! They were huge, and probably more slush than snow. But I didn't care damn it.... it's snowing in Austin!!! I squealed like a school girl and went outside to take some pictures. Unfortunately, snow/slush/sleet isn't always the easiest to get pictures of. We made a snowman at work and propped him up near the door, he was a hit with all of the people that walked by.

I went home for lunch to let Chewie out and to take a few photos at home with the snow. He has seen ice before, but not snow. He wasn't sure exactly what in the hell was wrong with the grass, but after a minute he was running around the back yard checking everything out.

Hard to see, but I was trying to get the squirell running between the trees with an acorn in his mouth. I was to far away to get a good picture of him.

Back yard

A view from my drivers side window

I had a grin all day long.... LOVED the snow day!

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Optimista said...

Cutest snowman EVER!